Windows PatchGuard Disabler x64



This version is not supported and is more likely to damage Windows installs, mainly on systems using UEFI motherboards updated since Oct 2015. Credits and much love to Fyyre & how02 Pls note: this only works on the following Windows x64 Supported: - Windows Vista 64bit - Windows 7 64bit - Windows 8.1 64bit (not 8!) - Windows 10 Tech Preview 32bit versions of Windows are not currently supported and honestly won't be. Make sure your Operating System is fully updated using Windows Update including all service packs and important updates. DO NOT BLAME ME WHEN YOU RUN THIS ON WINDOWS 8 OR 10 FINAL AND YOU HAVE TO FIX IT WITH A LIVE CD! It shouldn't have run anyway unless you modified the batch file and folder structure.


: .zip 15910 KB .rar 40646 KB .7z 48205 KB It seems logical to assume various 3rd party applications (namely anti-malware) might interact poorly with this software. I personally have not had any issues, but if you experience a problem with a certain vendor please email me: